Size of a library as occupied in ROM

My project used the RL78/L13, with the CCRL compiler. I have some proprietary code that I've created a library for. How do I determine the exact size in bytes of the library occupied in ROM (Flash)? The .lib file is 138kb, however, when I compile another executable project using the source files that the library is composed off, using the same optimization settings,  the resultant binary is around 65kb. So the library file is not telling the actual size of the code that would be occupied in flash. UNder Reneasa Views -> Debug - >Memory Usage, I cannot view the RAM/ROM usage as it is not supported for a library project.

  • Hi Sudesh,

    Have you found a way to find the ROM size occupied by your library? Did you try checking the map file?

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    Hi JB,

    No success yet. Checking the map file is the first thing I thought off, but there is no map file generated. I do have "Output link map file or library list file" option checked under the Linker->List settings, but I don't see any files with .map generated.

    Any ideas? Should I rather contact the CC-RL compiler support team since I do have a 1 year node locked licence?

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    The compiler does not store your library on the device, it only includes methods that are used from the library at compile-time and they become part of your binary code.

    I hope this helps.

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