Code generator project works fine for RIIC1 (I2c) not working when added with other project

Code generator project works fine for RIIC1 (I2c) with hardware and  not working when added with other project.

Still only I2C section is enabled all settings are same when sending data interrupt generated 1st time address sends properly but for next byte bus busy status showing.

  • Hi Amol,

    Any updates? Were you able to find out what's causing this issue?

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator

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    Hi JB,
    No the issue is still there.
    facing issue with I2C Communication on RX651(R5F565NCDDFC) micro-controller.
    Below are the details:
    1. using RIIC1 channel in master transmit mode.
    2. Code is not entering into "Transmit register empty" ISR even if interrupt request flag(IR51) is set.
    3. We are using auto-generated code.
    4. We are using KPIT-GNU toolchain.

    One issue with group interrupt also I am facing as after group Interrupt GROUPBL1 the code goes into undefined instruction exception .
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    Have you resolved your issue? What IDE and compiler are you using?
    What are the differences between the project that works and the one that does not?
    Were both projects configured in the same way?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator
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