Capacitive Touch and Gloves

Can Renesas Capacitive Touch technology detect touches even when gloves are worn?

  • Touch detection measures the capacitance between the human body and the electrode.

    When wearing gloves, the distance between the finger and the electrode is increased, so the electrostatic capacitance decreases, which makes the measurement more difficult.

    With our capacitive touch sensor solution, we greatly improved the sensitivity over past versions. Touch is detected even when the distance between the finger and electrode is approximately 10mm. 

    Specifically, detection is still possible even if the thickness of the panel is 5mm and the finger and the electrode are further separated by 5mm with rubber or cotton gloves.

    If any conductive fibres are woven in the glove, the conductive fibres become a contact  between the fingers and the fibres, so the thickness of the gloves will be canceled and any barriers to touch detection are eliminated.