Capacitive Touch power consumption

Is it possible to conserve power by using touch key detection intermittently?

  • Yes.

    An example of intermittent operation every 100ms is described below:

    1. Set the 100ms interval timer and transition to sleep mode

    2. Cancel sleep mode with an interrupt after 100ms

    3. Start touch detection

    4. Wait for touch detection completion

    5. Return to key judgment processing (1) upon touch detection completion

    For details, refer to "Touch Key Low Power Consumption Guide" (R01AN3191EJ0100) from the Document Manager in Workbench6.

  • Yes that's possible.

    I don't know exactly what size display screen you mean, but generally speaking, the CTP drive voltage is 2.8v, the logic voltage is 1.8v, it depends on your touch screen drive IC, and then the software adjustment.

    If you have a small touch screen, I suggest you refer to Topfoison, which will provide detailed solutions and a full set of references.

    I hope that was helpful.