Renesas Capacitive Touch Technology Tools

What tools do I need when designing with Renesas Capacitive Touch Technology?

  • IDE

    The development tool needed when using Renesas Capacitive Touch technology is an Eclipse based product called e2Studio.


    Renesas e² studio is a free development environment based on the popular Eclipse CDT, covers build (editor, compiler and linker control) as well as debug interface.

    This product also supports the RZ family and Renesas Synergy™ Microcontrollers.

    A wide range of compilers can be integrated into e² studio. Combined with the extremely powerful editor functionality and project management tools of Eclipse CDT, e² studio offers a state of the art coding environment for Renesas embedded controllers.

    Video : How to download and install

    C/C++ Compiler

    Product Components

    • CC-RX Compiler
    • Assembler
    • Optimizing Linkage Editor
    • Standard Library Generator

     Obtaining the Product

     Evaluation Version details

    • Usable as a evaluation version without registration of License Key. 

    • Valid Period and Limitation
      The evaluation version of C/C++ Compiler Package for RX Family is provided with the same functionality as the commercial version except that link size will be restricted to 128 Kbytes on and after the 61st day from when you begin using the compiler(*). For details, please refer to Evaluation Version Software Information before downloading!!

      * Note: Even if you upgraded the old version of your compiler to the new one, the valid period is not extended.

    Tuning Tool

    For tuning your Capacitive Touch application, the Workbench6 PC based GUI application is required. At the time of writing the tool is not supported by Linux or macOS.

    OS Support : Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)

    Description :

    Workbench is a tool for automatically adjusting touch sensitivity that makes it easy to adjust the touch sensitivity of implementations that use Renesas' second-generation capacitive touch sensing technology.

    Workbench6 is GUI-based tool. It automatically measures the parasitic capacitance, etc. of an electrode on a capacitive touch evaluation board to set optimum parameters. Also, the developer can set the touch detection threshold by actually touching the electrode. Changes in capacitance as a finger approaches an electrode are displayed in a graph, so the developer can easily set the threshold value. The tool also allows the developer to visualize the position on a slider or wheel where touch is being sensed,so you can follow along with where your finger is on the panel.

    The biggest advantage of using Workbench6 is the ability to try out capacitive touch operation and apply the results to software immediately. In contrast, in the traditional development process the developer has to perform measurements, calculate parameters, adjust the parameters in the source program, and then build. Workbench6 automates a significant portion of this process, so the time required for development can be reduced dramatically (Figure 4). It enables users without specialized knowledge or experience with development to implement a capacitive touch sensing system.

    Download Workbench6 (please check for latest version)

    User Manual (R20UT4247EJ0100)

    Video : Workbench First Step Guide


    When using the Workbench6 tool, communication with the target hardware is required (from the PC). This can be accomplished via USB, UART or the RX FINE interface. The RX FINE (debugging) interface requires an Emulator in order to communicate with the e2Studio GDB debugger.

    E1 Emulator

    The E1 emulator is an on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer which supports the major Renesas MCUs. This economical development tool provides basic debugging functionality.. Available optional products, such as the hot-plug-in adaptor, allow you to extend debugging functionality or adjust connections.

    E2 and E2 Lite support is coming soon!