Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kits

What kits are available to allow the evaluation of Renesas Capacitive Touch technology?

  • At the time of writing (Jan 2018) we have the following evaluation kits available :

    Capacitive Touch Evaluation System for RX130

    The kit includes :

    RX130 MCU board (RX230 MCU board available on request - ask Renesas representative)

    Self-Capacitance evaluation board

    Mutual Capacitance matrix key/proximity evaluation board

    Wheel/Slider/Button evaluation board

    Sample projects and application notes

    Board support package (Schematics, BOM etc)

    Part Number : RTK0EG0003S02001BJ


    RX231 HMI Solution Kit

    The kit includes :

    RX231 HMI Evaluation Board incorporating :

    • High power efficiency 32-bit MCU "RX231" built-in Capacitive Touch detection and USB Host I/F.
    • Smart Analog IC "SAIC101" for controlling 16-bit A/D Converters and amplifier gain.
    • Capacitive Touch switch and slider function
    • Voice memo function (with Speaker and Microphone)
    • LCD Panel (Character)
    • Pyroelectric infrared sensor
    • Acceleration sensor
    • USB Connector (Host/Function)

    Battery Box

    Sample projects and application notes

    Board Support Package (Schematics, layout, User Guide)

    Part Number : R0K5RX231D000BR