• How to export/import projects with e2studio

    How to export/import projects with e2studio

    1. How to EXPORT a zipped archive from e2studio.
    - Select File=> Export=>General=>(1. Archive File or 2. File system)
    - Browse to the folder where you want the export file(s).
    - Click Finish.
    (If you change the name of the export file…

  • How to run PCDC for RX111 (an_r01an0555ej0211_usb)

    Here is a very short guide on how to run the an_r01an0555ej0211_usb package on an RSK111.

    READ THE MANUAL that comes with the download for more info.

    1) Import the project to e2studio.
    Import ->"Existing project into workspace" -> Archive -make sure (Copy files... is checked).

    Compile and download

    2) Select Project=>Build Config as Echo mode. With this its easier to see that the code…