USB on RX651 using Usb_Basic and Usb_PCDC FIT modules and FreeRTOS


I am working on a project where I try to use a USB port in order to send simple datas to a Windows RS232 Terminal.

For that, I have used the "Sample Program using USB Peripheral Communication Device Class Driverxxxx" : R01AN2238EJ0130 document.

So, I have added the following modules to my project : (r_bsp, r_usb_basic, r_usb_pcdc, r_dtc_rx, r_dmaca_rx, r_byteq, r_sci_rx)

and as described in the sample code I have started the SCI and the USB modules using the drivers. It seems that

there are no error when runninf the R_OPEN functions (for the SCI and the USB devices). Unfortunately, the USB is not recognized when connected to

a computer and no callback functions are called when I connect the USB to a computer. Could you please help me ? The initialisation procedure is the following :

usb_cfg_t cfg;
usb_ctrl_t ctrl;
volatile usb_err_t result;

// Creation de la queue des structures pour la reception des evenements Usb :
m_pUsbCtrlQueue = new cnxSystem::QueueContainerCommon3<usb_ctrl_t>(TASKUSB_USBCTRL_QUEUE_SIZE);

/* Initialisation des variables de l'application : */
memset((void *)&g_line_coding, 0, sizeof(usb_pcdc_linecoding_t));
memset (g_usb_data, 0, DATA_LEN);
memset (g_sci_data, 0, DATA_LEN);
memset (g_serial_state, 0, 2);
memset (g_console, 0, sizeof(sci_hdl_t));
g_is_usb_bulk_writing = USB_NO;
g_is_usb_interrupt_writing = USB_NO;
g_is_serial_state = 0;
g_sci_counter = 0UL;
g_read_size = 0UL;

/* Initialisation de la broche VBUS_USB0 : */
/* Set USB0_VBUS pin */
MPC.P16PFS.BYTE = 0x11U;

/* Initialisation de la liaison SCI : */

/* Initialisation de la liaison USB : */
ctrl.module = USB_IP0;
ctrl.type = USB_PCDC;
cfg.usb_speed = USB_FS; /* USB_HS/USB_FS */
cfg.usb_mode = USB_PERI;
cfg.p_usb_reg = (usb_descriptor_t *)&usb_descriptor;
result = R_USB_Open(&ctrl, &cfg); /* Initializes the USB module */

/* On enregistre la fonction de Callback pour la reception des structures de controle USB : */

I don't see any Interrupt functions in the sample code. Can someone tell me if there are used and how ? Shall I implement interrupt functions

on my sample code ?

Thank you for your help.