ISDE Pin configurator causes PC crash with Windows 10 Creators Update


Issue – Bug



The Synergy ISDE Pin configurator will cause a blue screen (crash) on PCs that have the Windows 10 Creators Update installed.


Microsoft has recently issued a new update that fixes this problem which can be found here:


Applies to: e2studio 5.3 and 5.4


  • I can confirm also that this issue applies to IAR IDE and the Stand alone Configurator (SSC).  Rolling back Windows versions fixes this problem.

    NOTE ALSO: If you do not have Win 10 Pro you cannot "Defer" updates and windows will continually update so you will need to roll back regularly.

    The "Defer updates" in Win 10 pro allows an undetermined delay for updates but it is better than nothing ...

    Bottom line --- BAD BAD BAD Microsoft !!!  This is why they have a bad name with engineers ...

    Steve D

  • It seems that the Tasking Pinmapping plugin doesn't work with the latest Windows 10 update.