A very basic USB Bootloader that uses MMF

This is a very basic Bootloader demonstration that came out of my investigations into how Synergy supported Host USB Mass Storage, the MMF function, and other Synergy things.

It seemed to be a logical end point to bring all of the investigations together into this demo.

It was developed on the SK-S7G2.

It may be of interest for anyone who is trying to develop their own more advanced and robust Bootloader.

It flags up some interesting points that might trip you up.

This demo isn't production ready!  I suspect that it would need a lot of refinement if it was used in a final design, but it may be a good starting / reference point.

  • Richard,

    I am working with this project, and I customized it for my application. I would have a couple of questions. Why exactly is not possible to load the GUIX resources into the internal flash? Is there a way to avoid using the external flash?

    Thank you in advance,

    best regards.

  • Hi Laser,

    MMF only translates addresses on the CPU bus. D/AVE2D and JPEG engine both use GPX bus to access data (which means that the MMF'ed address won't be properly resolved to an actual place in flash). You can only use GUIX resources in internal flash if you disable hardware drawing acceleration and hardware JPEG decoding in GUIX Project properties.