S3A6 USBX Pool Memory Size CDC-ACM


Is it possible to reconfigure USB X CDC-ACM to decrease USBX Pool Memory Size for S3A6?


The problem is S3A6 has only 32K RAM,

According to Express Logic USBX Memory Requirements

we need 18K for USBX Pool Memory size, also 8K used for BSP stack and heap, only 6K RAM left for our application.

The 6K RAM left insufficient for our application.

  • Hi dxwak,

    I don't have S3A6, but I've tried to use the Communications Framework on USB on DK-S3A7 board. First, go to Project > Properties and define two preprocessor macros: UX_DEVICE_SIDE_ONLY and UX_SYSTEM_DEVICE_ONLY.

    Then, attach USBX Source and USBX Device Class CDC-ACM Source components to your project. I set USBX Pool Memory Size to 6144 in USBX on ux and the project worked fine.

    Please remember to click "Generate Project Content" and rebuild the project after above changes.


  • Dear adboc,
    The problem has been solved after adding preprocessor macros.
    We are using IAR and the solution also works fine.
    Thank you for your support.

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