S7G2 writing to internal data flash during power off

I am just curious to know if there is a way on S7G2 to detect Power OFF condition to write couple of variables to internal data flash, and if there is a way to do that, the next question is would it have enough time to write 8 bytes before quitting.

If there is way then I don't have to worry about designing a super cap board/Circuitry that can hold the charge for 3-5 secs on power OFF.

I have a requirement to keep track some variables every 0.1 changes, and I don't want to write to memory every 0.1 change as I would hit the upper limit of 100,000 erase/write cycles in a couple of months.

Any input on this is much appreciated.




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  • Thank you Anper and Alan for your inputs. I will try either using battery backed up RTC RAM area (or) detecting low voltage and writing to data flash and see which would work fine for our application.
    Thanks again for your prompt response.
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