Draw lines or shapes in display (PE-HMI kit)

I am using S7G2 PE-HMI kit . In this kit using GUIX studio ,able to display images,create windows ,widget,charts and so on. But if i want to draw some shapes such as lines,circle , i am not able to draw . Now i am in need of solution to solve this issue.Need some sample codes

  • Hello suren,

    to be able to use any of the shape drawing functions, the brush has to be defined.

    If a shape drawing function is called outside the draw function, it is necessary to invoke the gx_canvas_drawing_initiate() prior to it and the gx_canvas_drawing_complete() after it.

    Please refer to the following example project:


    and to the documentation:

    GUIX User's Manual > Chapter 3: Functional Overview of GUIX >

    • Drawing
    • GUIX Canvas Component > Canvas Drawing
    • GUIX Canvas Component > Drawing APIs

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  • In reply to anper:

    Hello Anper,

    Thank you very much for your timely reply .

    Code is working fine , now able to draw shapes . Now i am able to proceed furthur.
    Thank you once again.