I right now am following the guide on the flashloader example at


I am trying to get this working but require  Flashloader_pack1.2.0b1.exe. I cannot find this download on the website or is there a place where I can download  Flashloader_pack1.3.0.exe since I am using SSP 1.3.0.

I looked in the e2_studio install directory and still cannot find anything. Please let me know where I can find the flashloader pack or where to download it.

I am using the SK-S7G2 starter kit.


  • Hi victor,

    For SSP 1.3.0 there is a newer version of the Flashloader Framework - v1.1.0. You will find the framework in the Synergy Gallery: synergygallery.renesas.com/.../utility

    The downloaded archive contains .exe installer in Flashloader_DK-S7G2\Flashloader_Module, which will install the .pack file for the selected e2 Studio instance. There is also the .pack file without an installer.

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    I am also looking for Flashloader_pack1.3.0.exe - can anyone tell me where it is currently at

    many thanks,
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    Got it ok - it was in the framework alan..
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    My project is made with ssp 1.3.3 and it includes the sf_downloader modules, of the ssp version 1.3.0. I have updated an SSP 1.4 and everything related to ssp 1.3 has disappeared. Is there any update for this new version of ssp?

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    Hi feraro,

    Currently there is no official updated version of the Flashloader framework for SSP 1.4.0. You may try the following ported version, but please keep in mind this is not official version (rename to Renesas.Synergy_flashloader.1.4.0.pack and put to 'packs' directory, most likely C:\Renesas\Synergy\e2studio_v6.2.0_ssp_v1.4.0\internal\projectgen\arm\packs):