Difference Between UART driver and UART Framework

Hello Renesas community,

As I started to use Renesas S7G2 SK a few week ago, There are some issues that are I having some troubles on understanding, one of them is the differences between driver and framework and in which situation I should use one or the other.

I tried to implement a simple "Hello World" application using the UART comunication and a pretty standard configuration (9600 bps, 8 bits, 1 stop bit).

I used the API generated by the Synergy Configurator to open the comunucation and to send a chacracter

uint8_t Message = 'A'
g_uart0.p_api->open(g_uart0.p_ctrl, g_uart0.p_cfg);

g_uart0.p_api->write(g_uart0.p_ctrl, &Message, sizeof(message));


and instead of receivind the character 'A' in the terminal I'n receiving the character 'O'.

After some search over the forum I found some posts about the subject and most part of them were using the UART Framework and instead of the UART Drive.

I would like to Know if there is any additional configuration that is set when you're using the Framework that you need to do it manually while using the UART drive or if There is any mistake in my code.

Best Regards,