SD Card Issue - Custom S7G2 board

We are currently facing some issues with SD Card on our custom S7G2 board.
The SD Card works fine on Dev Kit (DK-S7G2) but with the same configuration and code it does not work on our custom board.
On Custom board, we are getting "WRITE_PROTECT" error even though the SD Card is unlocked but If i change the "Media Type" from "CARD" to "EMBEDDED" in Synergy config then it works fine. As we are using the same SD chip on custom board I don't know why there is a need for difference in Media Type between DK and Custom board, but I do know changing from "CARD" to "EMBEDDED" would bypass the CARD DETECT I/O line. Also, I don't know if that is recommended way of making it work on custom board. From what I have seen so far, "Embedded" Media Type is recommended only for eMMC memory type.

From hardware side, the Card detect I/O line looks good.

SSP version 1.1.3
e2 Studio Version


Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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