Hello Synergy community,
I try to create a table with 4 column and n rows in GUIX studio but I'm having some problems to implement it. I tried to create the table using the vertical list component, however the data tabulation started to be as problem as I'm using space to adjust the column.

I also tried to use a vertical list inside a horizontal list but I had some problems with the scrolling, as vertical lists were scrolling independenlly.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me solveing this problem.

  • Hello Tsuchiya ,
    Did you see the GUIX examples (C:/[path_to_guix_studio]/examples/) ?
    You have some source codes (you need visual C++ express to build them).
    You should take a look at smatwatch (on message or weather tab), you also have the medical example (patient list tab).
    I think also you can fount a weather panel demo for development boards somewhere on this forum that may contain a list.
  • Hello Tsuchiya,

    what table appearance would you like to achieve? - will it fit into the parent window or will it be "bigger" than it making it necessary to scroll vertically?

    Best regards,

  • In reply to anper:

    Hello anper,

    the apperance that I want to achieve is similar of a datalogger. It will have one column for date, one for measurement, one for the operators name. It will fit into to the parent window.
    Yes the vertical scroll is necessary.
  • In reply to TLHQ:

    Hello TLHQ,

    thank you for your help!
    I will take a look on these example and later I will tell if it worked.

    Thank you very much everyone.

    Best Regards.