USB OTG with SSP1.2 or SSP1.3

 Hello everybody,

I am looking for more complete documentation than the user manual regarding USB in OTG mode for the S3A7.

My questions would be:

Is it necessary to use the 2 inputs OVERCURA and OVERCURB to detect a change on VBUS, or only one of these 2 inputs would suffice with the VBUS input?
What is EXICEN for? VBUSEN would not be enough?

If I can configure the BSP for USB OTG, is there a dedicated framework in the SSP? It does not seem like.

An Application note about this subject?

I have no experience in OTG ...

Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • Were you  able to get it to work? The document indicates that full OTG capability is only supported with the NXP LPC3131


    USBX supports the OTG functionalities of USB when an OTG compliant USB controller

    is available in the hardware design.

    USBX supports OTG in the core USB stack. But for OTG to function, it requires a

    specific USB controller. USBX OTG controller functions can be found in the usbx_otg

    directory. The current USBX version only supports the NXP LPC3131 with full OTG


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