S7 IEC60730 Self-test Library


In my application I need to perform a memory check at the startup, in particular I want to check the RAM and Flash integrity. I see there is a IEC60730 Selftest Library available for S7 devices. Is there an example code that shows how those functions are managed?

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    Hi GNK & Warren,

    Is this issue resolved? I am getting exactly same error when I included the 'CPU' folder and 'S7G2_registers.h' file under the 'src' folder. Please reply.
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    Are you telling about errors in ASM? Now I've did this in C file itself.

    __asm volatile (

    I'm really not sure if there's some other way.
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    I had a chat with the Renesas support and the guy said this self-test code require 'IAR Compiler'. He asked me to either migrate to IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas Synergy or e2 studio with the IAR Compiler installed into it.

    Have updated to IAR compiler? If not what's the way to use '_asm volatile(' to get rid off the 'Error: bad instruction `copyright [2016]........'

    Please reply

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    HI GNK-
    What MCU are you targeting?

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    @WarrenM -

    And @Sheik -
    yes I got the same response too.