e2studio - Mac / Linux support


Is there any plan to support Mac & Linux for e2studio?.

Since e2studio is based on eclipse, many people expect it to be cross-platform.



  • Hi,

    Linux and Mac support for e2studio is scheduled for a beta release in e2studio V6.0. This will be available some time around Aug 2017.

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    GaryJ, can you send me a download link forthe Linux version of e2Studio? I went onto Synergy Gallery and I can't find it. Also, the last time I asked someone at Renesas about Mac eStudio, they send to use VMware or VirtualBox and then run Windows inside of the VM. I don't have any need to run it on Mac, but would be interested in running e2Studio on Linux if it is available for prototyping (not production). I have many Windows machines and thus I don't have a big problem, but as I'm developing IoT data processing applications, it is a bit easier to run the Linux cloud technologies on a Linux workstation. For example node. I'm using Linux Subsystem on Windows for this now and it's working. Anyway, just wondering what my options are for e2Studio. Thanks
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    Hi codetricity,

    I'm afraid that the Linux version of e2 studio is not available yet. There is only the Windows version.

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