Building a user BSP

To build a new user BSP using the brand new tools provided by the latest e2studio/SSP1.2.0 I followed the instructions in the document "r11an0071eu0110-synergy-bsp-upgrade-sspv120.pdf". On another thread I was told to change configuration.xml properties to achieve a certain result but in this document step-by-step, configuration.xml isn't even included (see the included files/folders in the figure 2.12 of that manual, captured below).

I've searched docs on building a new BSP to find out what files/folders should I include in the BSP creation and what properties should I assign to them, but I only found old docs where the tool to do so is an independent one so, please, is there extensive documentation on creating a user BSP with e2studio 5.3 and SSP 1.2.0 ?


  • Had the same problem with 1.2.0-beta, could not find out which of all the fields to fill needed a fixed name or version string and which are free choice or could be left blank. Then it was not clear to me which files to include in the mask in your post.
    I ended up with packs that destroyed projects after a few builds, it looked that some files should be replaced with ones from the pack, deletion worked but then an error occured and from then on the project was unusable because of missing files.

    So I left the generator, unzipped some .pack files that came next to my custom board, evaluated the structure and contents of the files, built my own pack "by hand" on that base and managed finally to get a working pack. It is not perfect and some things remain unclear, but for my small S3-board its ok.
  • Hello Laboratori,

    In the previous thread we asked if configuration.xml was included to determine why was it being overwritten on each build. Naturally, the right way to create the BSP doesn't involve adding this file. The guide you're following is currently the most accurate resource on it, also.

    I can confirm that I'm seeing the same issue on my end and while we look into this, my recommendation for temporary workaround would be to not include any .pincfg file in your pack and in the project, either manipulate the pin config extracted from the device package, or copy over the configuration from another project.

  • Hi Laboratori,
    As shown in the Figure 3 of the BSP guide(v1.20), a custom_board.pack should only contains 3 folders or the following files:
    1. .mcu
    a. .pinconfig
    i. your_board.pincfg, which specifies your default pin functionalities
    2. module_descriptions
    a. Renesas##BSP##Board##your_board####1.2.0##configuration.xml, which specifies the pin configuration file name.
    b. Renesas##BSP##Board##your_boad###1.2.0.xml, which specifies the location of your board display name, device name, and the location of bsp.h, etc.
    3. Synergy
    a. bsp.h, bsp_init.h, bsp_init.c, etc. a list of drivers used for initializing your board.

    The current procedure given in the BSP recreation guide (v1.20) doesn’t emphasize the file structure for holding the pin configuration file your_board.pincfg, so you have to unzip the pack file generated with the Export Synergy User Pack:
    1. Use a file archive utility, such as 7zip to unzip ZZ.Synergy_board_s5d9_cb.1.2.0.pack;
    2. Create a folder .mcu in the folder ZZ.Synergy_board_s5d9_cb.1.2.0, then create a subfolder .pinconfig in the .mcu;
    3. Move the pin configuration file S5D9-CB.pinfig into the folder .mcu/.pinconfig;
    4. Select all files and subfolders in the ZZ.Synergy_board_s5d9_cb.1.2.0 , then create a zip format of the achieve file with the 7zip,, then change its name to ZZ.Synergy_board_s5d9_cb.1.2.0.pack.
    The above modification steps have been included in the next release of the custom BSP creation guide. Please let me know if you have any question or suggestion. Thanks
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    I'm sorry but I'm lost with the Synergy documentation. What is the real name of the file for the "BSP guide (v1.20)" and where can I find it, please?

    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks Karol,

    Not including the .pincfg file in my custom BSP and then copying it from my base project works perfectly for my needs.

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    It should be included in the listed in the Renesas Gallery. Please let me know if you cannot find it. Thanks.

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    This download, which are the documents I already read and mentioned, only includes notes on upgrading. Specifically

    and r11an0072eu0110-synergy-upgrade-sspv120.pdf,

    but I cannot find a BSP guide with a Figure 3 in it, which you mention in your previous post. Moreover, in the document r11an0072eu0110-synergy-upgrade-sspv120.pdf there are references to Figure 2, figure 30 and Figure 300 that don't even exist inside this document.

    Any other place to search for it, please?

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    Sorry, it should be the Figure 1.3.
  • Hi 

    You will have no problem to build a new user BSP. Please follow the instructions in the document"r11an0071eu0110-synergy-bsp-upgrade-sspv120.pdf" until the step #11.

    * Step # 12: After you've changed the name of the folder "s5d9_dk" to "s5d9_cb". Please delete only a file with the name "bsp_qspi.c".

    * Next step you have to do: from your "Project folder" you should update this file "bsp_board_cfg.h" under this directory "synergy_cfg > ssp_cfg > bsp_board_cfg.h". Update this line "#include "../../../synergy/board/s5d9_pk/bsp.h" to "#include "../../../synergy/board/s5d9_cb/bsp.h" (Change S5D9_PK TO S5D9_CB)

    * Moving on with step #15 

    * Next step you have to do: After step # 15 selected board: "S5D9_CB". You hit the button "Generate Project Content" then select "PIN" tab (Select drop down list "S5D9-CB.pincfg with check box Gerated data: g_bsp_pin_cfg) and hit the button "Generate Project Content". 

    * Select "COMPONENTs" tab (Uncheck box s5d9_pk and keep check box of "Board") then hit the button "Generate Project Content"


    * Next step you have to do: Delete the folder "s5d9_pk" under your "Porject "name" directory >synergy > board > "folder s5d9_pk". Now you can build your project again with 0 error and 0 warning.



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    MinhPhan and others,

    I guess I get lost on step 11. The instructions are very, very unclear. Can someone please give a complete working example of how to create a BSP?

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    I also get lost on step 11 and other places. I could not get an error free build using the "Upgrading Custom BSP projects" doc. I was only able to finally get an error free build using the instructions found in the SSP v1.2.0 user manual, section "Creating a Custom Board Pack" . These instructions are similar but different. Please let us know which to use and when an updated version will be available. Thank you.
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    The objective to be achieved in the Step 11 is to replace the original board name (S5D9_PK) with your selected name (S5D9_CB), which will be displayed in the board selection pulldown menu. The macro BSP_BOARD_S5D9_CB is used to enable your selected board in the SSP compilation.
    The objective of the Step 12 is to customaries your board drivers. For example, you can delete unused bsp_qspi.h/c if no qspi component is used in your board.
    The Renesas Synergy User Pack in the Step 14 is just to create a CMSIS-Pack with a built-in Zip script.

    Please let me know if you have any question. Thanks.