Making own ISR in S7G2


Anyone worked with making own ISR or callback functions in S7G2 . I figure out callback functions are registered in bsp_group_irq but not sure how it works or maybe anyone have some reference for it.



  • In reply to MCP:

    Not too sure what the issue is that you are having.

    Please have a look at the attached project.  This is built for an S7G2_SK, using SSP 1.5.3. 

    The 2 IRQ instances are added to HAL/Common.

    They are opened in the Blinky Thread Entry.

    The project also has a Display / GUIX thread for completeness.




  • In reply to Richard:

    The issue I was having is that when I added an irq to the HAL/Common thread of the Hello World project, it crashed and burned. I still have no idea why.

    Creating a separate thread and stuffing all my irqs in there worked fine. This mystifies me, since that thread just terminates after opening up all the irqs.

    This seems to be a general problem: stuff conflicts with other stuff without any obvious warning. For instance, the code from your (very helpful) timer project conflicted with the touch screen driver, but the only way I found out about it was the debugger crashing on an unhandled touch screen interrupt.

    Not entirely sure what can be done about it, though.