Creating partitions from FileX

How can you create individual partitions on media from FileX?  Is there a limit, and can extended partitions also be created?



  • Hi Rich,

    We already talked about it on the chat, but to everyone else's knowledge: FileX cannot create partitions, it can only mount and format the existing ones.

  • In reply to Karol:

    Hey Karol, any update to this? Are newer versions able to create the partitions? I have 4GB of eMMC and I need to break it into 6 different sections.
  • In reply to wflynn:

    Have you tried using fx_media_format for the first volume with hidden sectors set to zero, then fx_media_format for the second volume with hidden sectors set to "sector count" of the first volume so that the second volume starts at sector count+1 (ie after the first volume). Might work. If you do your own formatting this way, you'll have to account for first time initial vs subsequent boot. I did this with an initial fx_media_open, which will fail if the media is not formatted.