Welcome to Synergy Forum

You’ll experience and learn much about the SSP and Synergy Platform on this Synergy Forum at renesasrulz.com.  We at Renesas are proud and excited to present you this comprehensive solution for embedded development that was built from the ground up by embedded system developers – for embedded system developers.

Renesas engages many thousands of embedded system designers world-wide using MCUs on tens of thousands of different embedded MCU applications. We leveraged that experience, along with many customer interviews and focus-group studies, to craft the specification and implementation of the SSP and the Synergy Platform.

The Synergy Platform is built with the philosophy of quick time-to-market, ease-of-use, scalability, reusability and flexibility for use in many embedded applications – all with the mindset that the Synergy is to be used by developers with a skill set ranging all the way up to professional embedded system developers. The fundamental value to save you, the developer, precious time so you can put your expertise to use on developing application code for innovative and differentiated products rather than fretting over the details of building and maintaining the essential system code below the main API.

Now through mid-December the release of SSP on the Synergy Gallery is in Beta phase, which is SSP v1.0.0 beta release. In mid-December a new SSP release will be posted for General Availability – the SSP v1.0.0 gold release.

SSP v1.0.0 beta is our first release focused primarily on providing functionality, flexibility, and delivering the basis for a constant flow of subsequent SSP releases having added features and enhancements.

Renesas’ vision and unwavering commitment for Synergy Platform is to continue enhancing the platform in every respect from features, to ease-of-use and configurability, to high-value services, to performance, and architectural flexibility – all while maintaining uniform and consistent APIs across SSP versions and Synergy MCU devices. In future releases SSP APIs shall be extended to further simplify application development and additional platform capabilities.

SSP offers the flexibility for developers to use either low-level interfaces provided for HAL modules or to make their applications/projects independent of the underlying interfaces and MCU hardware by utilizing the platform services available with the SPP Application Framework.

Internally SSP 1.0.0 beta conducts several range and parameter checking tasks and more are being devised in upcoming releases.

The SSP is an organic product that will continue to expand and increase capabilities to stay fresh with the latest technologies. We at Renesas would like to hear about your experience during this beta program including any anomalies and your ideas on how we can improve the SSP and Renesas Synergy Platform.

We want your feedback! – Please email us at gallery.feedback@renesas.com or make your post on the forum - Why? Because we care!

Thank you for your participation in our Beta program.