SSP2.0 FTP Server


I have implemeted a FTP Server with SSP1.7.8 and it works without problems.
After an update to SSP 2.0 I can´t access the server with filezilla. The software chrashes (BSP_CFG_HANDLE_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR(0);)
I make a new project for the S7G2 SK with SSP2.0 and there is the same problem.
I have no problems with windows FTP comand line tool. It is possible to conect, upload files, list the dirrectory, create a directory...
Does anyone know this problem and a solution ?

  • I created an FTP server from scratch in SSP 2.0.0 and I found that the auto initialisation for the USB mass storage device was set to false, and I saw the same sort of issue you described, when Filezilla FTP client attached, the Synergy FTP server crashed ending in the default handler.

    After I change the setting to : -

    The FTP server would appear to work correctly with Filezilla.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    sory for my late answer, i was out of office for a week.
    Auto media initialization is enabel in the original and in the new testproject.

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