tx_semaphore_put_notify: available?

Trying to use  tx_semaphore_put_notify in ThreadX.  Calling it returns 0xff which the TX manual says 

The system was compiled
with notification capabilities

Is this not available in SSP, or is there a way to enable it?

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  • yes, saw that as I was adding it.

    so I enabled Notify Callbacks and disabled Show Linkage Warning.  Then generated Project Content and did a rebuild.  And the code is unresponsive, seems to be stuck.  I'll start trying some ideas, but are there other settings in the custom ThreadX configurator that should be enabled/disabled to better match the prebuiilt ThreadX?

  • When you include the source, the default settings that the prebuilt ThreadX are the same until you modify them.

  • Cam,

    If you are using any other Xware (NetX, UsbX, GuiX) components, you must also include them as source so that they can be recompiled with the changes to the ThreadX settings.


  • ok this makes sense.  but now i get an error about (understandably) "source and pre-built library should not be combined in the stack. (this puts g_ux_device_class_cdc_acm0 of g_sf_comms, the original USBX stack, in red in the configurator.) 

    so before i do something i can't reverse, i'll ask how to remedy this: do I delete the original USBX stack and then re-add it?  (note this is the only Express Logic stack used in the project.)  i assume the original prebuilt library was installed when USBX stack first added, so deleting and then add-ing it back will cause it to see and use the USBX Source stack?

  • Hi Cam,

    No - you don't need to delete the USBX stack - just add the USBX source in the configurator.