Upgraded to e² Studio 2021-04 from 7.5.1 - Debug Problem


I recently upgraded from e²-Studio 7.5.1 to the 2021-04 version and I am having trouble debugging my project. Usually I could select my launch configuration and just click the debug button but that doesn't work anymore. Clicking on the debug button ("Launch in Debug mode") doesn't have any effect and the settings button next to the launch configuration gives me the following error:

I am using a custom Synergy S7 board and with the old e² studio everything worked.

Is there anything else needed to get my program to run with the new version?

The only way I can start a debugging session is by right-clicking on the project and selecting Debug as> then selecting my debug configuration. However then I run into the problem that the debugging is slow. Like 2s for a single step slow. That was definitely faster before.

Please advise what to do in this situation.

Kind Regards,