How to give information to the "Board Details" field in the BSP-Tab in the Synergy Configurator ?

I successfully build my own custom board pack.

Now I want to give some information in the "Board Details" field.

How must this be done ?

Which xml-tag in which section in which xml-/pdsc-file must be used to to this ?

Or must it be done in another way ?

Please give me an example.

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  • I don't think the Pack Export utility in e2studio allows you to enter information for the Board Details. You can manually edit the XML in the BSP pack file to add the info, if you add the description tag in the XML for the board :-

    Then that info will show in the Board Details :-

    You also have to be aware that the XML from the BSP pack file will have been extracted from the BSP pack file into the modules/ directory with e2studio.