Date and time strange problem

Hello. In my custom system based on Synergy S7 I have seen that the date time works well for the months from January to November, but when the date goes from 30 November to 1 December the seconds are not incremented anymore, so the date will remain always blocked on that day. 

Another part of this problem is that if I try to set any date with December as month, for an istant it is accepted, than automatically it goes back to the date that existed before of the attempt of modification. 

I am stuck on this... 

  • From what I see, it seems that if I manage the moths adding 1 to their value (as if their are considered from 0 to 11) I can set a date with any month, even December, but the calendar is wrong (for example I have 28 days in March).

  • Are you also accounting for the year offset? I believe above SSP 1.2.1 matches the ctime standard so when saving a date you take one away from your month value 1-12 to get 0-11 but you must also minus 1900 from the year. You have to reverse this when retrieving the date. So as I understand it:

    Year -> Years since 1900
    Month -> 0-11
    Day-> 1-31
    Hour-> 0-23
    Minute -> 0-59
    Second -> 0-59 

  • Hi Laser-

    I believe the reply from James should resolve your issue. I will mark it as the solution. Let us know if you still need help.

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