C-STAT Static Analysis with Renesas Synergy Platform


I am attempting to perform static analysis of a project utilising C-STAT in IAR. As per: https://renesasrulz.com/synergy/b/weblog/posts/improving-software-quality-using-the-c-stat-static-code-analysis-tool

However I get the following error when analysing files:

Each file analysis fails with the following;

"synergy\ssp\src\framework\el\tx\tx_src\tx_thread.h",649 Fatal error[Pe035]:

#error "Secure builder required to compile this file"

Will C-STAT not work when ThreadX source has been selected in the SSP configuration?

Has anyone successfully used C-STAT with their Synergy project?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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  • Hi, from my understanding (and I could be wrong) CSTAT is included as part of the Synergy package with IAR.

    All the licensing is set and I can compile and view protected source just fine, it just seems the C-STAT feature doesn't have access to the protected source.

    I will continue to prod and poke around with it, I have a suspicion it can't be used when compiling the ThreadX source, so I might remove all the source modules from the SSP configurator and try again. 

    Thanks for your reply.  :)