Implementing Flash Read Out Protection on s7g2 using Renesas Flash Programmer

I wanted to implement the Flash read out protection(Purpose: Flash Erase on possible attempt of read) in our projects. We are using s7g2 and flashing the code from Renesas Flash Programmer. I researched a bit and found out that the latest Renesas Flash Programmer V3.08.01 has the option of various Flash protection settings, including the said Flash read protection. PFA attached screenshot of the user manual. However when I installed this latest version, I do not find the tab of "Flash Options" itself. Why is this?. Moreover I found threads of implementing ID Setting, but we have to do this without using e2 studio.
Kindly request anyone to help me out here.
Himanshu M.
  • Hi

    Some options are not available because it is not applicable to that MCU.

    Flash protection options applies to newer Trustzone devices on Cortex-M33.

    Remark: Only those items the target MCU supports are shown. For the meanings and details of the settings
    of the individual items, refer to the user’s manual of the target MCU in use.

    For S7G2, typical read-out protection is carried out by writing an ID-code.  You can refer to script/s7g2.ld  for its location.

    ID_CODES (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x40120050, LENGTH = 0x10 /* 16 bytes */

    If you program your device with RFP, the next time you connect, you will be prompted to enter that 16-byte ID.

  • Ok.  Can i do this feature on renesas flash programer? 

  • The ID code is part of the binary that you download with RFP. The SSP already inserts the ID code into the binary that is created, but will be all 0xFF if not changed from the default, e.g. from the Srecord created from a Blinky project :-


    So you would either set the ID code in the SSP project in e2studio, or you could manipulate the srecord binary to change the ID code.

    Be careful when manually manipulating the ID code in the binary files, as it is possible to lock the debug interface totally if bit 127 of the ID is 0.

    It is not possible to set the ID code in RFP for a Synergy device.

  • How do i  insert the id code from e2studio and use it with RFP. I did not understand the process. Please help out with the process.

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