Problem downloading SSP 1.6.0

I need to download the SSP 1.6.0 for Renesas Synergy but I can't reach the download page from my Renesas Profile. 

From Synergy Gallery it only shows the latest version of the SSP. Some time ago I was able to download it without trouble.

Is anybody having this problem too?

Thanks in advance,

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  • JeffP,

    Have you logged into the MyRenesas and then the Gallery.  It is kind of strange now.

    But If you are on this page and click to login above (right) you might get a page that is your MyRenesas account

    If you are logged in click on the little person icon next to the Logout button

    on this page click on the 

    I have seen it wrap a time or two but you may have to click on a download SSP button on a page if you get that then let it login again then click on the person button again then the SSP as shown above

    You should end up on a page that shows your download history. You should be able to get it from there.

    If you still can not acquire the file please submit a support ticket.