Pack files vs. configuration.xml

When I click Generate Project Content in the E2 Studio configuration editor, it seems to be copying at least some files from the pack file into my project files.

For instance, if I edit bsp_sdram.c in my project, that change is overwritten when I Generate Project Content. So when I needed to make sdram changes, I created a new pack file. That's a little bit of a hassle, but it makes sense that it would fall under the umbrella of a BSP change, and therefore a pack file change. My updated pack file seems to be working fine for the sdram update.

However, it's not clear to me where the line is between pack file information and project files/configuration.xml. For instance, the documentation on creating pack files says to include the pincfg. But I have a pincfg in my project files already, and we make changes to pin settings fairly frequently. Re-exporting pack files each time doesn't seem like the right workflow.

So what goes in the pack file vs. just being maintained in configuration.xml or other project files? Do all of the contents of the pack file always overwrite existing project files when you Generate Project Content, or are there cases where changes to configuration.xml take precedence?

  • With a Synergy project, files that are stored under a folder with Synergy in the name (synergy, synergy_cfg and synergy_gen), 

    are overwritten. The folders synergy_cfg and synergy_gen (and their sub-folders) contain files generated from the configuration of  the project. The folder synergy (and it's sub-folders) contain source files that are extracted from the SSP packs.

    The .pincfg file is only extracted from the pack file when a project is created, not each time the project contents is generated so the configuration of the pincfg can be changed and it won't be overwrtten by the default one in the BSP pack file

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Thank you . Followup question - what is the effect of the userpackexportsettings.xml file? Is anything in that file applied during project creation or build, or is it more of a log file that just records the state of the environment that created the pack?
  • In reply to eme:

    I think the file userpackexportsettings.xml is just a log of the settings used to create the BSP pack.