Related to netx telnet server

I used ssp 1.6.3.

I used netx telnet server and it was work fine.

I have require to change IP address Run Time so how can i do it?

If any one has reference program related to change IP address RUN time so please give me.

  • Hi.
    This is my function (C++) to change ip address at runtime.

    bool change_ip_address(ULONG ip, ULONG netmask)
    if (ip_in_use(ip)) {
    return false;

    if (nx_ip_address_set(&g_ip0, ip, netmask) != NX_SUCCESS) {
    return false;

    return true;

  • In reply to Paolo Miatto:

    Hi Paolo Miatto

    I am not able to find out ip_in_use in My project so it is user define function?
    I want to give
    so how i give this data run time in ip?
  • In reply to sonu:

    In my function I refer directly to IP Instance (g_ip0). You can add it as a parameter
    You can call my function like this:

    ULONG ip = IP_ADDRESS (100, 100, 100, 121)
    ULONG netmask = IP_ADDRESS (255, 255, 255, 0) // /24 netmask.

    if (change_ip_address(ip, netmask) ) {