Display does not show Images after GUIX STUDIO UPDATE

Hello everyone,

Recently e tried to update that I was e workin from SSP1.3 to SSP 1.7.8. As expected I had some problems with the drives and the GUIX framework that I'm using on the project some I deleted all drive and added them again so they could work properly. After solving the errors and rebulilding the project the console indicated There was a problem with some of the files generated by GUIX Studio. So a update the GUIX STUDIO from 5.3.3 to 5.6.1 and regenerated all the file and rebuild the entire project again which solved all the existing error. The project compile and debbug normally but the display show NO image. I rechecked all the GUIX configuration, and everything seens to be normal.

Do you know what could be the problem?