QSPI BSP for MT25QL512ABB8ESF on s5d9


I am using custom S5D9 Board and new to qspi ,I need to interface qspi flash device  MT25QL512ABB8ESF with custom s5d9.I have some questions (probably basic).I have tried this hal qspi demo example https://www.renesas.com/eu/en/software/D6001438.html  on S5D9-PK board,I understand bsp file  for qspi needs to be changed i.e in board/s5d9_pk/bsp_qspi.c also bsp_qspi.h and I changed bsp_qspi.c and bsp_qspi.h file and included qspi hal driver in hal/common thread.I am getting errors for already declared macro's as 


qspi device is different from one used on S5D9-PK hence I changed the qspi bsp file as per MT25QL512ABB8ESF datasheet https://www.micron.com/products/nor-flash/serial-nor-flash/part-catalog/mt25ql512abb8esf-0sit,

changing by hand is taking a lot time,I was wondering if there is already created one for MT25QL512ABB8ESF.so that qspi->api() function can be called saving time. or any guide to migrate from W25Q64FV serial Nor flash to  MT25QL512ABB8ESF ?

Using Qspi how can I know that this perticular address is being read or written as in application example "writeBuffer" and "readBuffer" variable are used for reading and writting data ,can anyone help me to understand how can I identy which address is been read/write.how to select perticular address.

Appreciate help.

  • None of the Renesas  Synergy boards use the MT25QL512ABB8ESF QSPI device, so there are no BSPs available from Renesas that support that particular QSPI device.


    From the SSP documentation :-

    p_device_address is the QSPI adress to Read from, p_memory_address is the destination address of the read.


    p_device_address is the QSPI adress to program, p_memory_address is the source address where the data to program is r ead from.

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    Hi Jeremy ,Thanks

    IS there any guide for creating custom BSP from available BSP for qspi ?
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    I am not aware of any guide.
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    I ported s5d9-pk qspi BSP to custom S5D9 with MT25Q512L.I am able to read flash device ID,memory capacity and memory type correctly and open api returns with success also was able to erase sector successfully. 

    Using  QSPI_HAL_MG_AP as a reference guide and trying to read ,write to qspi device .

    When tried to .p_api->Pageprogram() the qspi device ,qspi register seem to be updated with undesired value and it just errors SSP_ERR_UNSUPPORTED             = 6 ,pageprogram api returns as (6)         ///< Selected mode not supported by this API



    Any suggetsion woth trying to make Qspi device MT25Q512 work with custom S5D9and to be able to program page?Please help I stuck with this issue.

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    Hi Kirti,

    Do you still need help on this? Or were you able to figure out it by now?

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