Audio sped up when updated from SSP 1.4 to 1.7

We just updated a code set from SSP 1.4 to 1.7.  Surprisingly the audio sounds sped up by 4 or 5 times - like it breathed helium !!!

The configuration did not change, same .wav files, same config on the audio playback framework.


Thanks ...

  • How does the clock tree (clocks tab) look comparing before and after?
  • In reply to John Taft:

    Confirmed clock tree is identical.
    Also confirmed that the audio playback framework is configured identically
    There are a couple of new items in the 1.7 configuration but they dis not seem significant to this issue.
    Steve D
  • In reply to Steve Dillier:

    Hi Steve-
    I hope you are doing well. Did you figure this one out? I'd be interested in your solution if you found one.