Text vanishing from GX_SINGLE_LINE_TEXT_INPUT GUIX 5.6 SSP1.7.5


I am using a self-built on screen keyboard that appears beneath every single line text input when the users clicks on the input. The screen is shifted accordingly much as in current smartphones. This used to work just fine, however after the update to SSP 1.7.5 with GUIX 5.6 I have a problem: Once the keyboard is opened, the text in the single line text input disappears (it is no longer visible, the box appears to be blank). When I click some buttons and then close the keyboard, the text has been added to the box (visible again as the keyboard was closed). In all previous SSP/GUIX combination I never had this problem.

After every key I use gx_system_focus_claim to focus the text input again so the blinking cursor is visible (so the user knows, where the cursor is and can move it).

I have found out that if I remove the gx_system_focus_claim it works again so the behaviour of this function seems to have changed (for the worse).

What can I do in this case?



EDIT: I have tried again without my keyboard and just two buttons, one adds "Test123" to the single line text input, the other executes gx_system_focus_claim on the single line text input. When the focus button is pressed, the text in the input disappears. This is definitively a bug. Please fix this.


EDIT2: The text did not disappear, but in the new GUIX version it is selected when the focus is gained (wasn't this way before apparently), and the colors of fill of the input an selection of the text were the same, so it was invisible. Thread can be closed.

  • see EDIT2 from above. Still seems like a weird decision to me that setting the focus on the input would select the whole text.