Secure boot manager with SSP 1.6.x

I have downloaded SecureBootManager and imported it in e2.
The Project samples has ssp 1.5.0 but I'm using 1.6.3.
The problem is that it does not build lacking a numerous of files (e.g. framedProtocolTarget.h)
Is the bundle incomplete from the start ?

The SBM is not SSP so I was thinking that 1.6.3 would work but there are dependencies to the synergy  folder like #include "S5D9.h"
When generating app1 and skipping to 1.6.3 instead of 1.5.0 stuff is lost..

Anyone who has solved this?
I'm thinking of installing SSP 1.5.0 in parallel in eclipse for the bootloader ..

  • Hi Aarne-
    Is this the version of the SBM you are using?
    Looks like the app note says it is targeted for SSP 1.4.0.

    How far in the associated app note were you able to get:
  • In reply to WarrenM:

    Hi Warren
    It is 1.5.0 when opening the configuration file.
    But your answer helped me actually. I read the document further down and followed the instruction simply.
    There is another document from Renesas explaining import of Project which I followed first.
    My mistake was to copy the files into my eclipse workspace.
    The files needs to be installed on the specified location.
    I did convert to 1.6.3 when opening the xml.
    No warnings and I can build apps and the bootloaders now.
    It remains to see if it runs on the board now :-)
    Thank you