Netx Duo listen() problem

 Hi Synergy forum,


i'm porting a server project from an ST plattform using lwip to a renesas Synergy.

So far everything went fine, but now i have a problem.

in my original problem i used the listen() funktion with backlog = 10...

In my renesas Project this leads to errno = 105 (ENOBUFS         105 /* No buffer space available */).

I have to use backlog = 5 in order to make it work.

a value of 5 is leading to missed connection attemps from time to time.

Can i change the buffer settings for listen() somewhere ? Is something more fundamental limiting this ?


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  • From the Netx DUO BSD documentation :-


    and the Netx DUO BSD listen function :-


    So by default the max listen backlog is set to 5. To change this you will need to add a define in the GNU ARM Cross C Compiler->Preprocessor->defined symbols :-


    and rebuild the project.