Is XBee SMA Module compatible with NetX software resources?


New to Renesas products.

I have ato develop a design based on the Synergy Platform (microcontroller not choosen yet).

I need a Wifi connexion with a tablet, the design acting as a server (DHCP/ TCP...) and access point.

I want to use the software facilities offered by the plateform (NetX collection), but have just basic knowledge about Wifi.

Straitghly speaking, is the XBee  XB2B-WFST-001 able to manage raw data (not familiar with the datasheet terminology)?



  • The short answer is yes. The long answer is: not the way you expect it to. This module basically does all the stuff the NetX collection does for you and interfaces to you thru either UART or SPI speaking either AT modem commands or a packet protocol (I recommend the later). They tend to be pricey. I haven't looked real close at this part but I'm thinking it's running more as a client rather than as a server so I don't know it can serve up DHCP -- a person would have to look at the manual and the AT protocol to see what it says about that specifically.
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    Thx Rjl for the answer.
    I need SMA on the module to "externalize" the antenna. Do you have some references of such modules in mind which would make the deal, I already dug into the website Solution Gallery but didn't find something available.
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    This particular module has a version that has connectors for external antenna, but, again, I'm not sure it'll do what you want it to do. I haven't followed WiFi modules much so I can't point you in a good direction but I would think that there is a reference design from synergy for such a thing. One example might be Again, I don't know if these can serve up DHCP or not. This particular module also can have external antenna it looks like.