Synergy development using external code editor (not IAR or e2 studio)


For the sake of flexibility and speeding up development I'd like to use external code editor for my Synergy projects. I picked Visual Studio Code for this task, because it seems like it meets my needs. My plan is to use IAR project, but edit and debug it in VS Code. For those not familiar with it - VS Code is basically a text editor with scripts, flexible code highlighting/autocompletion and debug support.

I have two questions regarding this.

First of all, isn't this forbidden by license agreement? I don't see reasons why it could be (with one exclusion, see below), but I want to be sure I would not violate anything if I start to use external code editor.

Second - is it possible to decrypt SSP files (allowed by my license) for viewing in external code editor? Maybe some tools in SSP package would allow me to do this? Isn't this forbidden? I would like to get behavior like in IAR when opening protected file - IAR decrypts it without edit access. I need it for seamless debug in VS Code, without it I'll need to launch IAR when I need to step through code in protected files. It's fine enough for me, but I'd like to debug in VS Code.


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  • I build with the IAR tools but use Eclipse for editing. Nothing much to that. You'll need to use IAR to debug and download, and as far as I know, IAR (and Eclipse E2) are the only tool that will be able to decrypt protected SSP and ThreadX code and packages. You an also edit the .XML file directly that build the components of your project to add drivers, HAL stuff, and threads, etc, and use the Java SSP app in IAR to build the components headers and source files that get generated.

    There is an IAR plugin for VS and VC -
    Not sure if that's part of the license deal between IAR and Renesas. It may be that it just invokes the existing IAR command line tools for compiling and linking. It's worth a shot.