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     I've been using the S7G2 on a prototype board, using the J-Link Lite for synergy. I went to purchase another, but it is not available.  I'm wondering if anyone knows what my options would be.  I see an EDU board is available, for a similar price, but don't know if this will work.

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    We have also had this issue. The J-Link Lite is not licensed to be used with custom boards, only development boards. Our option seems to be around £300 for the 'Base version of a programmer. We are not happy with this situation either. Programming the Renesas micro is a simple task and £300 seems expensive.
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    The kits from Synergy have a J-Link on board. Why don't you buy, for example, a TB-S3A1, cut the traces that join the J-Link with the MCU an contact your tarjet board to the JTAG CONN at TB-S3A1? You also should check the power lines (3v3) to avoid conflicts with the MCU on TB and your board (review the docs and the jumper settigs of TB-S3A1). I think this must work.

  • JLink mini and JLink Edu are the options and either should work on any target board with the correct voltage. Both are very inexpensive, but are only to be used fir edu an traing purposes. You'll get a popup each time you use them confirming this. JLink base is the entry level unit. It supports USB only, has moderately fast programming, has SWO and JTAG as well as trace features (ETM) and support for almost 100% of third-party tools from all major chip makers and tool vendors. The price is very reasonable for this compatibility and it includes free lifetime support.
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    Using J-Link OB on Renesas kits to program MCUs other than the one one the board breaches Segger's EULA. Non-commercial users can purchase J-Link EDU Mini: www.segger.com/.../


    As far as I know the only probes with ETM support are J-Trace Pro Cortex and Cortex-M. All probes however have support for ITM/SWO.


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    I'm sorry. I know that I always must to read the EULA, but I never do it :-)

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