SDCARD Project on SK S7g2

can anyone give me a sd card project for SK S7g2. The filex port framework project is on dk, i am looking for a starting point on sk board but could not find any..

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    No, I have used the standard windows format command, or format as FAT32 under Linux, both have worked for me in the past.
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    Hi, We have custom board with PE-HMI1 and it has microSDcard slot . and I have 8 GB micro SD card. and I don't connect CD and WP pins from microSDcard slot. and I have formatted my microSDcard to FAT32(I am not sure it is not properly formatted. i used windows 10 to format).

    in the above case my 8GB SD card is not detecting.

    what can be the problem?
    and please suggest me to format my microSDcard properly.
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    Hi, i corrected the problem. now microSDCard is detecting. and i can able to write and read data. the problem is with Buffer between SDcard and PE-HMI1. the buffer is not enabled properly.

    Formatting SD card to FAT32 using windows machine is also fine. no need to search for specialized FAT32 formatter.
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    Hi Prabakaran-
    Thanx for letting us know your solution.