TCP/IP framework problem


I want to communicate (data transfer) using TCP/IP.

I came across the below link from where I downloaded server and client demo code.

The workspaces were based on SSP 1.1.0  While going thru the configuration file. I found the NetX components as shown in the below image.


Currently I am using e2studio ver.7.4 and SSP ver 1.6.0.

My SSP version do not have above NetX component.

Pls suggest solution.





  • Things have changed between SSP 1.1.0 and SSP 1.6.0. you would now add a Netx/NetX DUO IP instance :-


    Or you can add a higher level NetX application and have an IP instance below it. Please have a look at the Synergy module guides :-

    For more information on using NetX.

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for your feedback. I made program using NetX IP Instance. but while compilation, getting below errors. Pls let me know where I am going wrong??

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    undefined reference to `bsp_ethernet_phy_get_autonegotiate' nx_hw_init.c /tcpc1/synergy/ssp/src/framework/sf_el_nx line 288 C/C++ Problem
    undefined reference to `bsp_ethernet_phy_get_link_status' nx_hw_init.c /tcpc1/synergy/ssp/src/framework/sf_el_nx line 364 C/C++ Problem
    undefined reference to `bsp_ethernet_phy_init' nx_hw_init.c /tcpc1/synergy/ssp/src/framework/sf_el_nx line 226 C/C++ Problem
    undefined reference to `bsp_ethernet_phy_start_autonegotiate' nx_hw_init.c /tcpc1/synergy/ssp/src/framework/sf_el_nx line 234 C/C++ Problem
  • In reply to Reinemb:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have overcome the errors and now I am successfully able to compile and test TCP server with terminal utility.
    I am using Hercules terminal utility for testing.
    My next objective is to make the client.
    I made the similar program for client. I am able to transmit somehow but not able to receive from server utility.
    I am using e2studio ver.7.4 with ssp ver 1.6.0.
    Can you help me with any sample code for client for receiving data from server?

  • In reply to Reinemb:

    Which board are you using? How did you solve the initial compilation issues you were having?
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    I am using SK-S7G2 board. The errors were due to path error since I configured the workspace as "custom board". Due to time restriction I haven't paid much time on it and simply changed in the configuration file, SK-S7G2 board instead of "Custom board"
  • In reply to Reinemb:

    Hi Reinemb

    I have the same problem when compiling. Can you tell me how you have solved it?

    Thank you

    Best regards