problem with usb thread with tracex

I am using SSP 1.6.3 with e2studio ver. 7.4.

I tested USB CDC successfully in PCDC mode. wanted to use TraceX, hence added ThreadX-info in the Thread.

As soon as I added the ThreadeX info, USB thread is gone Red as if there is a conflict with ThreadX info.

Pls let's know how to use TraceX with USB thread.



  • Which item in the thread Stacks is red? if you hover the mouse over the thread stack item that is red what error is reported?
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Have you added the source code for all the Express Logic components (USBX, ThreadX and CDC device class)?


    Also, when you add the source code for an Express Logic component (e.g. ThreadX source code) it will show red :-

    until you disable the warning in the properties :-

    So after adding the source code for all the components (USBX, USBX Device Class CDC-ACM and ThreadX), and disabled the linker warning for USBX Source, USBX Device Class CDC-ACM Source and ThreadX Source in the properties of each component, there are no warnings shown :-

    and Event Tracing can enabled in the ThreadX Source properties :-