Help Understanding SSP License

I'm a freelance developer and don't have company registration. I've been asked to use S3A7 and S7G2 for the projects.

I wish to know if I use Evaluation License will I be able to debug my application, where by I may

  1. Step-In
  2. Step-Out
  3. Step-Over
  4. Watch Variable

in my application code or other middle-ware or HAL code.

As per the information provided on :

Development/Production license is required for Debugging protected code section.

I also wish to know what is this protected code section, where can I find more information about it and finally what are my options?

  • Certain components of the SSP are distributed as encrypted source code, these are the Express Logic components (ThreadX, NetX, NetX applications, USBX, FileX, LevelX, GUIX etc), the Synergy frameworks and the D/AVE 2D driver. Some of the Express Logic components are also provided as pre-built libraries, so the application doesn't have to include (or build) all the source code for the Express Logic components used, unless the default configuration options need to be changed.

    The evaluation license in SSP 1.6.3 will allow you to compile encrypted code, but not view the encrypted code for the Express Logic components or the D\AVE 2D driver. However, the Evaluation license will allow you to view the encrypted source code of the Synergy frameworks (being able to view the encrypted source of the Synergy frameworks with the Evaluation license has not always been possible).

    If you can view the encrypted source code of a component, then you can step into the code of the component and debug it (though you cannot edit the file, or copy the code from the secure viewer).

    The other parts of the SSP, HAL driver and BSP code are supplied in plain text source code, so can be edited, and debugged as normal.

    You can view the permissions of the license file in e2studio in Window->preferences->C/C++->Renesas->Synergy License :-

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Looks like I would need to get Development/Production license as I would be unable to debug using Express Logic components. Thanks for clearing my doubt.

    Is their any way you can get Development/Production license without company registration?
  • In reply to DS:

    I don't think there is a way to get a Development license without a company registration.