nx_dns_host_by_name_get returns 0xA3(163-decimal).

Hi in MQTT example I am trying to resolved DNS for time.google.com and my AWS thing link.

For first address nx_dns_host_by_name_get  gives ok response . But for second Address it gives error 0xA3. I cant find description for the error . AWS link is ok because if it is executed first it gives on DNS.

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    Hi jeremy

    But what could be the reason?

    I am watching data in wireshark and both time.google.com and AWS address is replying. But only for first execution  nx_dns_host_by_name_get is giving valid DNS here is snip of tera term. first is 


    a2tk0lxozes3eb-ats.iot.us-west-2.amazonaws.com - DNS resolved but for time.google.com it is giving error.


    thanks for quick reply.


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    What is the timeout you using for the call to nx_dns_host_by_name_get()?