Confused GLCD and how to use them in S7



I've been looking at both the hello world examples for both the SK-S7G2 and DK-S7G2 and I just would like to clarify a few things.

for the SK, I noticed that SPI needed to be implemented to configure the LCD. I was under the impression that the GLCD framework would already do this. Nevertheless, I see how the code works here. Now with the DK-S7G2, I don't see anything there, whether serial or parallel used to configure initialization of registers for the LCD. It just looks like the framework is interfacing with it directly. No register config has been done. Why is this the case? How is the initialization of registers done here in the DK example? I read datasheets of both GLCDs,the ilitek and the LXD LCD controllers. The SK example made sense and it looks like SPI is used to configure it and the DOT_CLK interface is used by the GUI/GLCD framework/HAL? AM I correct to think this? As for the DK, I don't see anywhere how the registers are configured. Please clarify.



  • This is all to do with how the external LCD module works. The controller in the LCD panel on the SK board needs to be initialised via the SPI interface before it can start accepting data over the interface the GLCDC uses. The panel on the DK board powers up already able to accept data over the interface the GLCDC uses, so the panel on the DK board needs no initialisation first.