The color of the texts is not respected with GUIX Studio


I am using e2studio 7.5.0, SSP 1.5.3, GUIX Studio with GUIX Library Version 5.4.1. The board is Custom User Board.

My problem is that when the image is executed on my display, the colors of the texts are not respected, as can be seen in the images attached (guix_studio.jpg: image of GUIX Studio and display.jpg: image of my display).

Regardless of the color that is selected, all texts are shown in gray. The rest of the elements are shown with the defined color.

I have tested with GUIX Librari Version 5.3.3 and the result is the same.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you.

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  • I forwarded your post to our GUIX developer to see what he might suggest. What is a "Customer User Board"? Is that one of the SK or DK boards

    Express Logic, Inc
  • In reply to JanetC:

    Hello Janet.

    Thank you for you help.

    When I say that the board is Custom User Board, I mean it is a board designed by us. We have based on the SK board.

    I await your news.Thank you

    Best regards
  • In reply to feraro:

    Hello Janet.

    I have solved the problem by configuring the fonts with 8 bpp in GUIX Studio.

    Thank you for all.

    Best regards

  • In reply to feraro:

    Ok well, here is the dope from our GUIX developer for maybe future problems that come up:

    "Let’s find out some basic information.

    1) What type of font he is using (1 bpp, 4bpp, or 8bpp)
    2) What color depth is he running (8 bpp , 16 bpp, 32 bpp)
    3) Is the Synergy accelerator enabled? If it is, let’s ask him to turn it off, re-generate his output files, and try it on the target. Just to isolate if this is a Synergy Dave/2D issue or something else.

    If it turns out to be a Dave/2D issue, check with the Synergy folks that he has the most up to date driver. I remember some font issues (not this one exactly) were fixed a couple of years ago. Since Synergy runs a bit behind the latest Express Logic releases, I am not sure which driver would be compatible with the customer's current SSP version."

    So you answered the first question and that was the key. Glad you are over the hump, but let me know if anything else looks kind of wrong.